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  • I'm a professional dietitian

    AceCardGames.com is a hobby project of mine that is online since 2003 and offers a collection of 12 solitaire card games. I originally wrote the games in ActionScript 2 (Flash MX) for the Motion-Twin ActionScript Compiler http://stepico.com/services/blockchain-games-nft/ (MTASC). In 2009 I rewrote the games in ActionScript 3 for the Flex 3 open source SDK. http://user.linkdata.org/user/eleanor_smith_2402162319521/work In 2017 I rewrote the games again in JavaScript and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). And now in 2023 I am rewriting the JavaScript code in TypeScript. http://marbleblast.vaniverse.io/ seems like this is the original, right? It feels pretty great to play. Candidate Profile Edit 3: I was able to get multi-file TypeScript projects to compile using TypeScriptToLua's bundling. All Lua is jammed into a single file, and require is mocked to load code from within that bundle (like how JS bundlers work). Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict is the sequel to Unreal Championship. A hybrid first-person shooter and third-person action game, Unreal Championship 2 takes the gameplay in a new direction with the introduction of melee combat in addition to http://freeok.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=4967955 the tradtional gunplay expected from the Unreal franchise. However, the console-exclusive http://careercup.com/user?id=4790626216837120 nature of this installment (as with its predecessor) unfortunately makes it an unsuitable candidate for custom content, and as such it offers no possibility for single-player modding. While the team still had only the outdoor terrain and the dragon in place, Intel invited Epic MegaGames to demonstrate Unreal to them. Following the demonstration, Intel told them about their upcoming MMX instruction set. Sweeney was immediately excited by the possibilities MMX presented, and put together a working MMX version of the rendering code before Epic had even received a chip with MMX. You may play alone or in groups, and you may participate in current tournaments or start your own. You’ll need to establish a user account and make an initial payment to get started. This is the money you’ll use to pay http://hbcuconnect.com/members/2246231/eleanor-smith174 for tournament entry fees. So youre not a professional game tester or video game journalist, or other superstar in the gaming industry. Youre http://500px.com/p/eleanorsmith174?view=photos just an amateur gamer, maybe. But the video game industry still wants to get their game in front of you. They always want more people to play. Teens who play games in a networked environment also play with and against other people they do not consider to be friends. Just over half of teens who play with others online say they play with people they don’t consider friends. Similar to the percentage with online-only gameplay friends, 57% of boys and 40% of girls say they play games with people they do not consider their friends. And again, the oldest boys (ages 15 to 17) are more likely (60%) than girls of any age to report playing with or against others who are not friends.

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    I'm a professional dietitian

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    A healthy lifestyle is also the pursuit of dietitians

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    Dedicated dietitian for 10 years, dedicated to building a healthy lifestyle

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An obese body is conditioned by a nutritionist to return to a healthy weight


Had diabetes, found a dietitian to treat it, controlled by a sensible diet


Very positive about the work of the dietitian and improved my health way


The dietitian's job is to improve the way we are healthy

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